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  Jiangsu AOGUANG Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in the Dong Tai city Fuan industrial park ,close neighbour Nan Tong City Hai An county City; Traverse through but be over 204 national roads, to the Entrance of the high-road only 5 minutes . Traffic is very convenient.
  Our company takes up field large enterprise surface treatment special field supporting factories such as 20000 square metres, now having 18 million yuan of fixed assets , being a home and abroad electron , being home and abroad electron ,communication , automobile. Company hardware facilities is all in readiness 。
Our company evidence makes use of "people-oriented , sincere message to manage, managing repaying society " idea , the technological process working of building rational , clear and definite , smooth , quick response , the competition being innovative unceasingly with improving , improving oneself , the surface treatment product providing the quality satisfying customer need. Our company plates with a nickel , tin , tin lead , silver , the gold waits for material of electroplating to have iron , copper , stainless steel , t waits for special field customer of the C (COMPUTER , CONSUMER ELECTYONICS , COMMUNICATION , CAR) special field assorting in 4.  
  Our company focused on the management of internal and external stresses credibility to customers in good faith, dedication to social stress. The company has passed ISO9001-2000 quality system and ISO14000-2004 environment system certification, also adopted a "cleaner production enterprise" acceptance of the audit for jiangsu.
Copyright Jiangsu AOGUANG Electronics Co., Ltd.   ADD:**** Fuan Industry park Dongtai Jiangsu 苏ICP备05034318号
Board chairman:Zhou Yu   General manager:He Yunqing   Tel:0515-85976097   Fax:0515-85976071   E-mail:[email protected]
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